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I have a few things I'd like to share with my readers, and those who I hope might become my readers, that are free. So I'm posting them here on this page.

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Novellas and Shorts from one of my series:


Nikki: Origins (Novella)

This is a novella that goes over how William's sister, Nikki, became a champion like William. I was working on writing a story featuring her, and I wrote this as the start. However anyone who has read the third book in the series is already familiar with about half of this, so I didn't feel right putting it in the story as it isn't exactly new material.

But I thought any who hadn't read that story might still want to see this, to learn more about Nikki. So here it is for you to see. It's about 25,000 words.


Nikki: Origins - Epub Version

Nikki: Origins - kindle version

Nikki: Origins - html version


Laria on Earth (short - excerpt)

This is a short that just fills in what happened those first two weeks in the POI book 'Reprisal' for when William first Took Laria to the Earth sphere and they stayed at the Renfaire. Several people were curious about what happened during that time, so here it is.


Laria - Epub Version

Laria - kindle version

Laria - html version


'Fan' Fiction:

These two short stories are 'Fan' fiction based in the Sholan universe, created by Lisanne Norman, who is a very close and dear friend of mine. As I do not own that universe, and I'm not under contract to DAW, the publisher that Lisanne published these works with, I cannot sell these, nor can I represent them as official stories from her series. Also these stories are not endorsed by DAW or Lisanne.

However quite a few people have enjoyed them, so here they are, free of course, and they're posted as fan fiction.


Recruitment is about how Banner joined the Brotherhood of Vartra.

Sholans in NYC is about Banner and Jurrel on a TDY at the Sholan Embassy on Earth.



Sholans in NYC

Recruitment - Epub Version

 Sholans in NYC - Epub Version

Recruitment - kindle version

 Sholans in NYC - kindle Version

Recruitment - html version

 Sholans in NYC - html version


Note: I don't recommend the kindle version, as changes to the way the kindle reader deals with non-Amazon generated files causes format issues, it deletes lines inserted for spacing. No idea why, it just does nowadays.




These are the slides from my 'How to Self Publish' talk that I do at cons. Click on the link to download a zip file with the presentation.


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